Route 66

The bar for biker and people without prejudices.

True to this motto you will find our cosy “American-style” bar in the middle of Zweibrücken-Niederauerbach’s industrial area. Here you can get away from the daily grind for one – two hours (or longer). The “Route 66” opened its gates on 15.06.1992.

Already when entering you will feel transported into a bar at America’s most beautiful highway. A meeting point for bikers, musicians and people without prejudices, who are looking for a cultivated atmosphere that matches their lifestyle. Our “Route..” is a contact point for people who are searching a somewhat different drinking hole. MCs please note: our tavern is – neutral territory – and we keep an eye on that. In route 66 everybody is welcome and has the right to hospitality.

Of course we do our utmost to keep you entertained: events and performances with live-bands, spare parts market, Harley- and Custom shows, American evenings with Mexican food, beer garden barbecues, etc.

Route 66 is a public bar and no club house or private club, as still many people believe.

Every guest is welcome, biker or not.

Bikers, musicians,soldiers and "normal" people.. everybody who wants to have a good time, meets here.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Route 66 Team and staff

No Cards, only Cash!!

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